Heowdy! I'm goose, and I'm a full time
illustrator, located in Texas. I love to work
on Star Wars/DnD characters (Plus
anything that glows).

I have worked with many pleased customers,
from things as small as logos, to large multiple
character illustrations.

I have experience in character design, graphic
design, and limited logo design.

I look forward to working with you all, and I'm usually
available 24/7 to answer questions.

Thank you!


What art program do you use?

🢒 Clip Studio Paint!


When did you start drawing?

🢒 I started digitally in 2016, but was drawing traditionally long before then


How long does it take you to finish an illustration?

🢒 On average, around 1-2 days of continuous work. Vtuber models take upwards of 10 days.


Do you do requests / art trades?

🢒 Art requests
Unfortunately, I do not do free art.

🢒 Art trades
I usually do not have time to do art trades.